Olympia brand is distinguished by a variety of products that keep the savor of quality ingredients, from the flavour of well known traditional products to sophisticated tastes of different sauces and dressings. The range of products includes Tomato Sauces and Pastes (Bulion, Pasta de tomate), Canned Vegetables in vinegar (Ardei copti, Castraveti in otet) but also in water/oil (Zacusca de vinete, Tocana de legume, Fasole verde), Canned Fruit (Compot de caise, Gem de prune, Gem de piersici), Sauces and Dressings (Maioneza de casa, ketchup dulce, Mustar) and many Traditional Canned Dishes (Fasole cu carnati, Tocanita de cartofi, Sarmalute in foi de varza). Their most famous product, is the Tomato paste (Pasta de tomate), a natural product with no additives, which offers the unique taste of ripe tomatoes in the fields, under the summer sun.