Welcome to RoExport!

We are the Romanian cash and carry based in Wembley and the unique market leader in distributing the full range of Romanian products, not only in London, but all over UK.

We founded our business in 2004, and we now supply a network of over 600 commercial customers: small retail outlets, ethnic shops, kiosks or just private entrepreneurs who buy goods for resale.

Our concept is based on self-service: you come to us, pick up your merchandise and carry it straight to your shop for serving your customers. We do our best to make your shopping experience convenient, fast and efficient!

What we offer?
  • A selection of 2.000 Romanian products under one roof
  • Up-to date product range from quality brands such as La Dorna, Marcel, Cris-Tim, Matache Macelaru, Borsec, Cappy, Murfatlar, Cotnari, Mandy, Olympia, Scandia, Salonta, Hochland, Therezia, Sadu, Horticons, Knorr, Boromir, Dobrogea, Nutline, Joe, Alpinia, Conserv Fruct, Five Continents and many others
  • Wide assortment of goods and permanent availability on the shelves
  • Professional service
  • Attractive wholesale prices
  • Long business hours, so that every customer can do his shopping at a convenient time, seven days a week
Who are our clients?
  • Traders –small retail outlets, ethnic shops, kiosks and private entrepreneurs who buy goods for resale
  • Restaurants and catering businesses
  • Other businesses such as service companies, offices, Romanian government organizations and charity institutions
We look forward to working with you!